How to Manage the Smell of Adult Diapers – At Home and on the Move

Published: 07th December 2010
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Okay, so you have finally reached that age where you have problems holding it in and require an adult diaper. Congratulations on making it this far!

You have already figured out which adult diaper is the most cost-effective and fits you the best. Now, the next problem is how to prevent the ‘fragrance’ of the adult diaper from reaching your guests and co-workers. Not to worry, you are reading the right article!

Managing the Smell at Home:

It would be extremely embarrassing if your friends or neighbors figured out that you, or someone in your house, suffers from a ‘leakage problem’. What you need to do is to discard of your diapers efficiently so that no trace of any unpleasant odors which might give you away.

Here’s what you do: don’t throw away all your used newspapers, but stock them up. If you don’t subscribe to a newspaper, this is a great time to begin. In addition to the newspaper, make sure you have lots of small garbage bags and a diaper pail.

Now, every time you have a dirty diaper, immediately wrap it up tightly within one of the old newspapers. The newspaper will absorb much of the smell, creating a barrier for any aromas. Next, place the wrapped up newspaper parcel into one of the small garbage bags and seal it tightly. The garbage bag will create another barrier for the smell. Finally, throw the bag into the pail and keep the lid closed. For good measure, you may also line the inside of the pail with a scented trash bag, or spray the inside of the pail with your favorite air freshener. Scented bleach, Lysol, or pine-sol will also do the trick.

Following the above guidelines will help you to ensure that your always smells great and doesn’t arouse any unnecessary attention.

Managing the Smell at Work and on the Bus:

Sure, it’s easy to manage the odors at home when you have access to garbage bags and newspapers, but what are you going to do when you’re at work, or using public transport?

In this case, our strategy is subterfuge, i.e. we will disguise the smell so that no one knows any better. There is an easy, cost-effective way to manage adult diaper odors when you’re out. Try and get a hold of the following: a small, travel-size bottle of spritzer spray and some perfumed essential oils. The essential oils can usually be found at your local pharmacy, or online. Men may have to look a bit harder to find ‘masculine’ fragrances, but they are available.

Next, once you have the apparatus, drop 1-3 drops of the essential oils into your spritzer spray bottle and fill it with water. Keep this bottle within easy reach – a knapsack or laptop bag - wherever you go. Once you are all dressed up and ready, grab your spritzer spray bottle and squirt your adult diaper a few times. This will keep you safe most of the day. If during the course of a hot day, you notice that you might not be smelling so fresh, just grab your spritzer bottle again and squirt it a few more times.

This method should keep you safe while you’re braving the great outdoors.


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